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Over 1000 seeds yet I can't download from any of them, please help


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Hi guys, I've used Utorrent many times before and its worked perfectly, but I seem to have encountered a problem recently

Every torrent I try, no matter how many seeds/peers there are, it can't seem to download faster than 0.2kbs

One file in particular I setup and was going at a nice 50kbs, but I noticed that it wasn't download from any seeds, only from peers. I left it going for a few hours while I went out, expecting it to be finished by the time I got back - but it was stuck at 95.4%

I saw someone mentioned "poisoned torrents" where you can't download from any seeds, and eventually there are no peers left to download the missing pieces from - however this problem seems to be occuring for all torrents I try - even ones I download before the problem struck

I have recently received an upgrade in my modem software along with its own built-in firewall (Norton...) but I've set Utorrent to "Permit All" so this cannot be causing the problem

Thank you in advance for your time and help

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