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Help me I'm stupid/ Port forwarding???


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So I connect fine and can download. It's just very slow. When I do the Test in speed guide it fails every time. I followed the instructions on portforward.com and still no dice. I am sure I am missing something. I have a Lynksys BEFSR41v2. I am not getting what to put in these slots.


What should I put in these boxes if anything?

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Look at portforwarding again...They ask you to create a static ip..As i recall there's a command for you to check your ip add and dns servers etc...Check that at portforwarding.com..What you're supposed to fill in there is your listening port...If you want to do portforwarding you should untick the "create random listening port" at utorrent.

Let's say for example you use utorrent to create a random port say "1234" once you got that port, go to your modem home page...At the ext.port collum you fill in "1234" to "1234".

As for the TCP or UCP protocol...Portforwarding.com will tell you which one...The IP add box should be filled in with the last number of your IP address...Use the command that portforwarding gave and you should be able to get what you need..

Note:The listening port is just an example..Don't follow it lol..

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