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RSS Feeds: Unable to load "....torrent": Invalid torrent file!


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For uTorrent 1.6:

I'm picking up a feed from a popular site (ends in Spy)

Favourites are set up as:

Filter: *keytext*

Not: <blank>

Save in: is non-blank and has a good value

Feed: (All)

Quality: ALL

Smart ep filter is checked

Minimum interval: (match always)

Label for new torrents: TV Shows

The Releases tab shows that the feed is feeding.

The History tab shows that the filter is catching entries

But when I double click on an entry in Releases, I get:

Unable to load "[Videos - - Main -] keytext.torrent": Invalid torrent file!

When the filter catches an entry, I get the same message except in the Logger tab on the main page.

From this information, can you deduce why uTorrent does not see the file with the .torrent extension as a valid torrent file?

Many thanks in advance,


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Thank you. The misunderstanding is mine. If I can ask a further question, then:

I'm looking to detect and launch a download when a torrent which matches my search criteria appears. Is there a way to do that, and if so, how? If the current feed I am using is not supplying the feed that I need, is there an example of another which does? Or have I completely misunderstood the purpose of the RSS feature of uTorrent which seems to open the matching file when it detects it.


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I am trying to get RSS automatic download feeds working on my site as well, and am running into the "invalid torrent file" problem. Subscribing to the RSS feed within my browser works perfectly, as does downloading the file through that feed in the browser and opening up the .torrent attachment within uTorrent. However, I'm getting the 'invalid torrent file' when plugging the feed in to uTorrent's RSS downloader.

Now, my website requires users to be logged in to download attachments - but is the only way to do this with the :COOKIE appendage to the rss feed URL in uTorrent? That would expose the userid/encrypted password though, wouldn't it? Is there any more of a secure way to handle this?

Thanks so much for your time.

Matt Yette


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