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This may help w/connectable & speed issues using uTorren


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***This might apply to some who are connectable using other clients***

Some clients have a built in workaround for event 4226. That may be why U can be connectable using BitComet, but not using uTorrent.

To see if you get Event 4226, (This method of finding it is for ppl with XP Home/Pro)

go to Start/Settings/Control Panel. Click on Admin. Tools. Click Event Viewer. Click on System. In the big column to the right, see if you can find Event 4226. if you dont find it, you OK. If you do find it, there are ways to change it.

Check out lvllord's patch

(I also learned the work around is in a app called anti xp spy too)

I know that the Event 4226 problem and lvllord's patch has been talked about on here for connecting to seeders/peers. But I had to use the patch to get connectable (they call it HighID) using Shareaza. It might work for getting connectable using uTorrent. This is for Windows using SP2.

This may or may not be of any help here. I know it helped folks at some torrent sites I use.

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