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Port Error... after 6 hours!


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I 'm new here and I 'd like to tell you of a new problem of mine.

Until recently I always used Azureus for my downloads, and most of the time it was fine, with downloads reaching a speed of ~40 KB/s which is rather mediocre for a 512 Kbps connection speed. Sometimes my NAT/DHT icon turned to yellow, but speeds were the same and after a while the icon would turn to green.

Now I am using another computer and because of its low memory and CPU, I chose to use μTorrent.

The download speed increased to 52 KB/s with an upload of up to 12 KB/s. The network icon was green, so everything OK. So everyday I leave utorrent open for 20-24 Hours but some days I notice that after 6-10 hours of downloading and uploading normally, the network icon turns yellow and all speeds drop to 1 KB/s. The only way for me to correct this is to change the program's port, and after 3-5 minutes of trying random ports, the error is fixed. Can anyone tell me why this happens and if there is a way to correct this?


1. I have an Alcatel Speedtouch Router and I know how to use it. Port forwarding is not neccesary because my router automatically opens up ports I need (temp ports for as long as I use the torrent program).

2. When using Azureus, I used Agnitum firewall combined with Symantec Antivirus.

3. Now that I use utorrent, I have installed ESET Nod32 antivirus, and my windows firewall does all the rest (both of the antivirus and firewall are allowing Utorrent).

4. I share an Ethernet connection with another room in my home (all details above are described with the other computer off and disconnected).

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I'm guessing that you are on a 512/128 ADSL by those numbers.

It's possible that the ARP cache of the Speedtouch was already getting bogged down while using Azureus.

Maybe the increased upload and download speeds are completely flooding the ARP cache and the cache now only has time to clear itself while you are trying different ports in µTorrent.

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