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Vista Rc1 Connection Problems *fixed* Here....


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Set uTorrent at its standard port of 60065, then close uTorrent.. then open services (type services.msc in the little 'start search' box on the bottom of the start menu...

change....(by double clicking on the seervice)

set it to

SSDP Discovery - 'STOP' the service and set to 'Disabled'

UPnP Device Host - 'STOP' the service and set to 'Disabled'


open windows firewall ... (if not already added, add the uTorrent program as an exception)


add 'PORT' Name it uTorrent TCP and use port number 60065 and select 'TCP'


add 'PORT' Name it uTorrent UDP and use port number 60065 and select 'UDP'

So you should have 3 exceptions...uTorrent EXE and the port 60065 for UDP & TCP

THEN open uTorrent and let it run with a download and you will see the Icon turn green as usual within about 30 secs

and downloads as usual

HERE IS PROOF -> http://img71.imageshack.us/my.php?image=screenshotofutorrentinvistant4.jpg

ALSO if you are looking for Decent Anti-Virus and Realtime spyware protection For FREE

try Avast Home edition for VISTA (its free with registration)

and Spyware Terminator which is also FREE and offers real-time spyware protection (it also has Clam Anti-virus Add-in installed) so you are double protected (Avast + Clam =Antivirus / Windows Defender + Spyware terminator =Antispyware)

Im running Vista RC1 with Avast & Spyware Terminator and have no problems

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