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Utorrent not quite working


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Utorrent was workking fine up until a week ago or so. Every time I open it now, nothing really downloads anymore. There's a huge number of seeders, but I either don't connect to any of them, or to very few of them, like 1 out o 600 for example. Even then, I'd download at slow rates, and it eventually stops.

Is there anything wrong with my settings? Why is this happening.

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Ok, according to testmy.net,

My download speed is 1904 Kbps or 1.9 Mbps (232 kB/s)

Upload: 677 Kbps or 0.68 Mbps (83 kB/s)

PRessing CTRL + G,

upload limit 65 kb/s

upload slots: 15

connections per torrent 16

global connections 600

max active torrents: 64

max active downloads 3

I'm trying to download 3 torrents now, and they're all kind of stuck, or very slow even though there are a lot of seeders.

current port: 12702

thanks for any help

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Lower both the max active torrents allowed at once and upload slots per torrent...by a LOT!

Here's my suggested settings:

upload limit 65 kb/s

upload slots: 3

connections per torrent 50

global connections 200

max active torrents: 10

max active downloads 3

Also allow more upload slots if <90% upload speed checked.

Under advanced settings, there's something you can check so slow seeding and slow downloading torrents DON'T count against max active torrent limit.

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