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What BT client did you switch from?


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I have switched back and forth between the Phrogg and the Comet for well over a year, leaning more toward the Comet as AZ became more and more greedy/buggy, Now the Phrogg is oficially retired and the Comet only comes out if I need DHT OR if uT cant connect to the tracker (rare but has happened). Im sure as it gets more popular that wont be an issue, therefore I dont worry about that too much.

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Read this as i posted it - Haven't went over the whole thread, just made my vote (ABC) and shared my opinion on the other clients:

BitTornado: the mother of modern torrenting. I remember using it when the official and other experimental client were the only ones around, And it was a treat compered to the old 3.x official versions. It fails to keep up with the pace today, But i have nothing but respect to TheShad0w (i believe his name is jon or john).

BitComet: The new badboy in town. fairly new compered to most popular clients, And it has an array of good features ive used. I dont like its behavior on some things, and it does too many fishy things to be trusted. That might have changed in newer revisions, But its still odd that these quirks like mis-reporting stats or so were there in the first place.

Azureus: The client everyone love to hate.. for a reason >.> i could never stand its abusively-high usage of resources and extravegent UI with graphical bars for every little figure (= higher CPU usage to draw them when refreshed). It does have alot of good features, maybe the best feature set amoung popular clients, for the hefty cost of being bloated to hell. Strike one, strike two, strike three. You're outta here, Sickly-looking blue frog.

ABC: I used to love this one. Uses the excellent Shad0w'sBitTornado engine as a basis, and adds a wonderfully clean and useful GUI with a superb queueing system. Many good people worked on this client (and still do) to improve it. Great remote interface, Uses a moderate amount of resources though (due to its python backbone) and isnt updated as much in the last monthsyear as the main developer and original creator had to drop the project, so to speak.

BitLord: Please. The author bought off the sourcecode from BitComet and replaced some icons here and there. I dont even consider this a real client.

Shareaza: Speaking of real clients, Here's another odd quirk in the bt world. I'll never understand why people choose to use this program aside from the obvious reason of not having any experience with filesharing (no, using kazaa isnt filesharing experience).

Original BT Client: Well.. Bram Cohen is a genius. Need i say more ?

Others: BitSprit ? Great feature set, Ugly as hell, Most annoying UI i've ever seen. Shares a really bad feature with some other clients, enter G3 - Client spoofing. very bad. G3 also allowed not to upload in most of its versions. Dead now, And rufus doesnt look all that better to me.

have i missed anything ? (No, opera's ridicolous BT implementation is NOT a client)

keep in mind, this is MY opinion on these matters. Anyone might see that entirely different, Simply offering my experince and views on things.

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1. Bram's Official (for a few days, I needed more options)

2. Burst (for a few days, crap)

3. Shad0w's Experimental (for quite some time)

4. ABC 3.01 (for a month or so, untill it became unstable)

5. BitTornado 0.37 (for a few months, very stable)

6. Azureus 2.202-2.304 (for a month, untill it became unstable)

7. BitComet 0.60 (a few months now, still using it)

8. µTorrent 1.16 and later (for a week now, will be my default when DHT is implemented)

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