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Static IP acheived; still can't get an open port.


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I followed all the advice I was given and did get a static IP. Thank you so much!

I followed the portforwarding.com page, and I belive I have correctly forwarded my ports.

However, I still get an error on the Test to see if Port is forwarded correctly.

Any hints?


System Details:

*Red circle instead of the green one in the status bar.

*I have Quest DSL.


*dslreports speedtest: 340 / 351.

*Cnet's speedtest: DLing at 1180.9 Kbps

*ActionTec DSL modem GT701 going to a Dlink DI524 (f/w 1.21) wireless router.

*Windows Firewall, with an exception for uTorrent and Port 11143

Qwest does throttle some P2P traffic, but I don't think that is my current problem. When I had just the actionTec up (before we put the wireless on) it worked ok and I had the green ball of happiness.

Since I am still having trouble, but it's no longer related to the Dynamic IP, I thought I'd change subject lines. Let me know if this isn't ok.

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Depends on how you look at it. From the outside (the Internet), they're all located at one IP address, yes. But inside the network, they have different LAN IP addresses.

Anything connected to the modem to obtain Internet access is in the modem's subnet (subnetwork). Anything that's connected to the router to get to the modem is in the router's subnet. So your router is on your modem's subnet, and you're on your router's subnet. You have to forward the ports from your modem to your router, using the router's IP address on the modem's subnet. Then from there, you have to forward the ports from your router to your computer.

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... Wow.

Feeling stupid just reading that.

Ok, so, to summerize:

I need to get my routers IP and set up port forwarding on my modum. THEN I need to get my computer's IP and set up port forwarding (which portforwarding.com has me do as a virtual server) to my computer.

Is that even remotely right?

Also, I just noticed that the IP that the computer is pinging when I do a port check from uTorrent isn't even remotely any of the ips I've seen. Is this just a function of my external IP being different, or do I have to take this into account somewhere?

Again, I appologise for being ignorant.

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Can you set the modem to bridge mode? Maybe that might help... before you do that, check your modem to see if there are PPPoE settings you want to copy down, and then do that. If, after setting it to bridge mode, you find you can't connect to the Internet, try putting the PPPoE settings in your router.

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