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Again the "element not found" error


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Hello: i'm sick of having this error whenever y download a big torrent and i only select some files in it coz of the size.,

I searched in some other forums and did everything i could. I disabled what i had to disable, i enabled what i had to enable...

Well, i was wondering if any of u could fix this error or found some other way to fix this error (i don't want to switch clients, utorrent is the best)



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I get "Error: Element not found" and the torrent stops.

This is generally caused by having diskio.compact_allocation on. Please turn it off, this option is not fully working. Use diskio.sparse_files (NTFS only) instead if you want to save space while downloading.

This can also happen if you remove/rename files from a torrent. Re-add/rename the files, or force a re-check.

Yeah man, i read that, anyway, thanks for the quick answer ^^

What i did was: "i searched for diskio.compact_allocation" but couldn't find it, so i switched OFF "bt.compact_allocation" which is, i guess, the same.

"diskio.sparse_files" for this, i found it and turned it ON

Nothing more, nothing less. If i'm missing something or anything i should know, please, let me know. I looker all over the net and couldn't find anything.

The version is the latest so...


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