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Hash check must have write priveleges to work? (read-only seeding)


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Hi there, originally I thought this was a problem with seeding read-only files over a network drive, but I guess the problem isn't that you can't do it, it's that you can't do a hash check and seed read-only files over a network drive.

I searched and found that earlier on there was a problem with seeding read-only files off CD-ROMs and DVD-ROMs and such, but that it had been fixed. It seemed like uTorrent would hash those files before freaking out that it didn't have write access. But in this case it's almost the opposite-uTorrent gives a messages that it "Cannot access this file. Check security priveleges over the network drive." before even hashing.

Skipping the hash check will allow uTorrent to seed the file, but it doesn't really make sense that it should have to skip the hash check-it's obviously doable since older versions would hash check off DVD-ROM and CD-ROM discs, plus Azureus hash checks just fine from the read-only network drive.

Anyways, I deleted my original post about how uTorrent doesn't seem to be able to seed from a read-only network drive, but I'm still a little confused why it seems to be treating read-only optical drives and read-only network drives differently. There's no reason to require write priveleges to do a hash check, even over a network drive.

So...yeah I guess the feature I am requesting is hash-checking from a read-only network drive ;)

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