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Urgent!!! Please help


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I downloaded u torrent about a week ago and started to try downloading a torrent. I waited for two to three hours but the speed did not rise even above 0.1 kb/s. I checked all my connection settings and i also unblocked the portim using in windows firewall. no change. I saw the '!' sign in the toolbar at the bottom and that said i had a connevtion problem. I read through various posts and faqs and they all said to check certain things and do certain things all of which i have done. But it said my port was not forwarded. When i went to port forward.com it says to choose my router. Now, i do not have a router(i think) since my internet comes with the tv sattelite provider. This is kreatel(motorola) but i do not have any documents with it and so dont know how to change any of its settings. It is also not listed on port forward .com. It also says the brand name as realtek when i check in netork connetions but that is not listed either

I have done everything else but have unable to do this. I always have that ! at the bottom toolbar.

Is that why my speed is slow. If so or if not PLEASE HELP


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