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super slow to super fast download and upload speeds??random every time


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Hi, I am very new to torrents....I have maryland Verizon FIOS 15\2 fiberoptics internet...i guess its 15mbps download and 2mbps upload.....so it should be super fast!!

The internet\emails and downloading videos, games driver\patches etc....is amazingly fast...i get like 2mbps downloads on files and it takes under a minute to download large files etc...

I have Utorrent client and FIOS 15\2

I have tried every setting possible, but everytime I restart Utorent there are different speeds that I get.....i know that it could relate to the torrent file, the time of day and how many seeders and leechers etc....

but there is definatley something wrong with my settings.....I dont understand what the ratio should be for downloads and upload, max connections etc......there are just too many options......when i set max download to a super high number, sometimes i get downloads at 300+kB\s which is awesome(i think) and uploads at around 100kB\s...... but then 20 minutes later I have connections of 7kb\s downloading and anywhere from 20-200 upload....this happens no matter what number i try to enter in upload and download speeds.....i use (0) for unlimited and my speeds are slow, then fast...like right now as I am typing, I am downloading southpark season 9 at 300 kB\s and upload at 127kB\s......but now I look and its back to 67\100 ratio and then it wil go to 0kB\s.......

I have used the tcp patch to make my tcp go from 10 to 100 and that def made a difference

Basically I need someone to help me enter the correct numbers in the download and upload boxes so I have an even ratio....I want to have 300kB\s or more downloading and i dont know what else uploading....also shouldnt I be able to download much faster....i have 15mbps.....fiber optics......please there has to be a way to download faster at a constant rate, or better than what i am getting now.....it just fluxuates too much

I have port forwarding on 6881-6991

If anyone could run me trhough some steps to try and get better download speeds, It would be greatly appreciated........i have tried to do this on my own, looked up every step ever, but i cant figure it out,,,maybe someone knows a trick or too


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