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Getting really slow speeds... :(


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I've been reading speed FAQs... And Tutorials, and everything I could find for hours, and I can't figure it out.

Yesterday, I was getting like 70 kb/s.. Now im getting 0. Seeds: 0 (0).. Peers: 0 (777)...

I recently changed my IP address through my router.. But even before that I wasn't getting anything. The port I use is supposedly open.. (Is there a way to test this?).. It's really annoying. I've downloaded like 20 random torrents with good seeds and peers, and im not connecting to any of them.

Anyone.. Someones gotta know my problem..

Also, if I reinstall utorrent, will i be able to continue my torrent downloads at the same % I'm currently at? Or will i need to start over? ;(

More info..

Your download speed : 4570 kbps or 571.3 KB/sec.

That is 30.8% better than an average user on shawcable.net

Your upload speed : 481 kbps or 60.2 KB/sec.

That is 20.8% worse than an average user on shawcable.net

So I ran the speed test and set it to xx/512k..

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