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Hi im new to uTorrent. I recently downloaded 2 torrent files and i gotta say utorrent is great. The only thing is that today i recently tried download a torrent file, but did not want to start. Down speed stays at 0.0 kb/s. My port is OK! open and accepting connections. My other settings are:

Global maximum number: 350

Maximum number connected peer per torrent: 100

Number of upload slots per torrent: 4

Maximum number of active torrents: 5

Maximum number of active downloads: 4

But dont mind the settings it has been like that from the beggining and its been downloading ok. I don't understand why the download started beign inactive today since the last couple of days all the the torrents i downloaded where downloading perfectly.

my firewall is off so thats not the case..

Thanks in advance.

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i have RCN and i think they're really messing with torrent traffic. this happened a few days ago. none of my new torrents will connect with any seeds or peers (1 of the torrent has over a thousand seeds and peers each!), but the weird thing is, another torrent that's been downloading before this complete shutdown happened is still downloading (at a very slow speed, though).

any ways to counter ISPs? changing MAC address, spoof IP addr, etc....? i'm paying for my 10mB/s speed!!!

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