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One port per torrent-file?


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1. Job 1 - uTorrent is uploding a torrent at, say, port 56056.

2. Job 2 - I start a second upload from File > Create New Torrent, and it starts uploading.

3. Job 3 - Now I start a download, in the same uTorrent.

4. All three files show up in uTorrent's window.

5. The port number remains the same at Options > Preferences > Connections > Port used for incoming connections. All three jobs are using the same port number 56056.

In BitTornedo, one has to open a separate copy of the client for each download job. The port number varies in each. uTorrent can handle multiple jobs in one opened copy of the client. Is that a problem? Shouldn't we have a different port for each torrent file - whether being uploaded or downloaded?


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