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DHT issue with only one of my torrents...


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Yes, I looked around using the search function. Can someone just explain this to me?

OK, the problem is that one of my torrents is saying "DHT: Not Allowed" - I was kind of hoping to switch from bloated stupid Azureus to uTorrent, but this torrent works in Azureus and not in uTorrent.

The reason I need DHT with this torrent is that the tracker requires you to log in. I have an account on that tracker, but it's being stupid, and any time I go to their IRC channel to ask them about what's up with my account, there's never anyone around who can do anything about it. But that has nothing to do with the problem, I don't think.

The problem is this DHT: Not Allowed message.

How can it not be allowed? Worked fine in Azureus, and DHT is working on my other torrents that I imported to uTorrent.

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