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why i can just connect to 30/660 peer ????


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hello everyone ,

i want to know why , when i download a toorent with 669 peer available , i'm just able to connect with 30 of them ?

can i make some setting to be able to connect with more peer?

i use

utorrent 1.6.1 beta with webbui ( web interface )

windows xp sp2 (with this patch EvID4226Patch223d-en adjust to 50 )

netgear wgr614 port forward for utorrent

my internet connection

site 1=

Your download speed : 3668 kbps or 458.5 KB/sec.

Your upload speed : 488 kbps or 61 KB/sec.

site 2=

Download Speed: 4112 kbps (514 KB/sec transfer rate)

Upload Speed: 593 kbps (74.1 KB/sec transfer rate)

thank you and have a great day

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If your networking hardware + software can handle the load, increase µTorrent's half-open setting from default of 8 to 40 and bt.connect_speed to 50. Use Speed Guide (CTRL+G) and use the xx/512k setting. You can even increase the upload speed a little (like to 50-60 KB/sec) probably without any download/web surfing slowdowns.

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thank you for your suggestion .....

but speed look to be ok so far ,

but , like now i download something and i'm connect with 26/34 that's a good ratio

what i don't understand is why when their 600 peer , i'm just connect to 30 of them?

thank you

and again

have a nice day

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