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creating torrent of a directory problem


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I have a directory like this:






When I create the torrent using "Add Directory and then open the created torrent file, the directory itself appears to have disappeared and only the *contents* are there (and are created anew as a sprinkled mess all over my download location). However, if I place "Z" inside of a new directory (let's call in ZZ, then make a torrent of THAT, then I get a double-nested directory (ZZ/Z/other stuff).

I cannot for the devil of it figure out what's going on here.

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I figured it out: v1.6 has a bug determining the level of nesting in a network drive (there are three ways of looking at a drive in windows: (1) directly chained on the host machine, (2) a network drive, (3) a "mapped" network drive).

-- The torrent I was attempting to create was of a folder on a networked drive. When I copied the directory to the drive of the computer I was hosting uTorrent on, it created the torrent properly.

Please fix for 1.7!

Also: Add an "Explore" option to the right-click menu. (I sometimes forget where I've instructed uTorrent to save a particular item, and having to run Search on a 300mb network drive is a ten-minute slog.)

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