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really weird spiking problem


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I have been using utorrent for quite a while with no problems whatsoever.

A few days ago I noticed an interesting thing. Some of my torrents, not all of them though, have been behaiving pretty weird.

I have one torrent which I am first seeder for it, with 8 leechers, on a private tracker. The torrent will not connect to the peers on the swarm! When I first start the computer, or restart my router, it seeds wonderfully, at full upload speed. After exactly 2 minutes, it all falls apart. From time to time it spikes for about half a minute, and dies back again.

Why is this happening?

All other parameters are set fine, as they should be, just a few torrents misbehaiving.

Anybody experienced this before?

Thanks for you help.

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quick update:

I'm zoning in on the problem, not on the fix!

Every torrent I download from a private tracker, once reaches 100%, or torrents i seed from my comp, do not upload! Except for those spikes i mentioned earlier, uploads for about a minute, until dying again. and this happens about once every 20-30 minutes. Other than that - nada.

Any ideas?!

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It wasn't clear how you said it, since you said you weren't having problems until now, and neither were other people -- were they not having problems, and are having problems now like you? But now that you've answered that, the answer is no...

Has your ISP responded?

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