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Forced Start ignores global upload limit


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I've just noticed the behaviour in Is this a bug or a feature?

I use the scheduler quite a lot for to use offpeak (night) quota, but to keep seeding during the day, so I force start completed torrents.

Unlimited uploads stalls web and other traffic during the day, so I have to manually limit the forced torrents, which is a bit tedious. Any chance to get this behaviour fixed or changed (if it's a feature)? Cheers!

Thanks for a fantastic client!

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A forced torrent should still adhere to the global speed limits.

That's what I thought! Excellent, so it *is* a bug :)

Can I see a screenshot?

Certainly. Thanks for looking into this.

Shot1.png is taken with forced seeding, and activated scheduler, global upload limit set to 60 KB/s.

Shot2.png is taken with normal seeding, scheduler deactivated, same global limit.

FYI: my total upload b/w is ~85 KB/s, so it's definitely not saturated.

Also, while I have your attention: Is the jagged upload graph by design also or are there plans to smoothen it out a bit?



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You're right. The scheduler currently affects only queued torrents. I wonder how to solve it, since Forced torrents can't be queued....

What is your scheduler upload limit set to?

Thanks, your comment helped me to find a workaround (see below). My scheduler is set to completely stop all torrents during the day. I'm not using the light green "Limited" setting at all - my schedule is either "Full" (at night) or "Stop" during the day:


I've done some experimenting and found out that forced torrents adhere to the "Limited" upload limit in the scheduler box, rather than the global upload limit. I haven't tested download limits, but I'd assume this setting behaves the same.

I guess that's a bug, and if it's not, it's pretty un-intuitive. I would have never figured this out by myself.

Anyway, I'm happy now :) Thanks for your help.

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