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Yellow icon and I have no router connected??

neil lab

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I've researched why I always have a yellow icon on the bottom of the Utorrent program page (no incoming connections) and all I keep seeing is that it might be a problem with firewall or router. I have no router connected ( cable line from wall to cable modem and cable from modem to network card in computer) and I have checked to allow windows firewall to allow Utorrent. I have NOD 32 antivirus running only and that does not have a firewall that I can see or find. I have tested portforwarding and it says port does not seem to be open?? I have "random portforwarding" unchecked in Utorrent. Can someone please explain to me how to get my portfoward open or to get the icon green (alow incoming connections). Please do not respond if your not sure how to do this and just guessing, I have tried so many diffrent things from forum responses of people just guessing what is wrong and it just causes me more headaches!! If more info is needed on my system or server or anything please post a request here and I will get the info right away!! Thanks in advance for any help!!

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