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Search Bar Doesn't work (for me!)


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what browser is set to default

have you made sure your specified browser hasnt appeared in hte background ?

if your using a tab based, have you made sure a new tab hasnt been made ?

I'm using IE. Yes I'm sure. It doesn't make any sense to me that it's not working! Do I have to enable pop-ups in IE? Should I try removing all registry entries??

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If you to go the about box and click Webpage, does that work?


NO - it doesn't work either.

Also - If I click "Help - uTorrent Webpage" - that doesn't work either.

HOWEVER - I am able to use the program to u/l d/l torrents with no problem..... AND I have the "Network - OK" on the status bar. I am using Port Forwarding through my Windows XP firewall and my Hardware Router.

HOWEVER (part 2) - If I run "Help-Check for Updates" it reports back saying I have the latest version!

This one's bothering me - doesn't make sense!

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