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Re: uTorrent program - What does this mean?


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Hi All,

Can someone explain this scenario? I have already gone to the terms definition.

In the program - In the "General" tab for a specific torrent file (located below), it says next to "Seeds": 0 of 30 connected (61 in swarm) - 0 (30) shows in file at top.

in "Peers": 15 of 174 (104 in swarm) - 15 (104) shows in file at top.

I do not understand that the Seeds would say "0".

1.) Wouldn't it show me as a seed when I am a seed, connected, and still Seeding? I have been seeding the same file for a long time. I have uploaded the same file (continually seeded) more than 5 times.

2.) What is the definition of "swarm" in the Seeds and Peers?

3.) Please explain the numbers inside and outside the parantheses.

Thanks in advance. :)

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