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Download stops at last %


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Well, I have this problem for a couple of days now,

when I download something it stops at 99,1% - 99,9%

It's really strange ... all my seeders start disappearing ( yes, I know that's normal when your download finishes ... but in this case there still has to be downloaded 10MB for example ).

result => I'm left with a download stuck at that percentage, while I cant do anything about it :x ... my DL speed is 0kb/sec after this happens.

I really have no idea what to do with it because I cant finish 1 single download

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Err, I'm quite a noob when it comes to torrents, so I dont know how to check if I get hashfails

The only thing that I know is that the files I was downloading were going at a speed of 300kb/sec and up ( more than 1k seeders ) and well, when I reached 99,4% on a certain file, the speed just dropped to 0.

I took a look at the seeders and it said 0 ( 1243 ) or something like that =/ ... so I guess seeders wouldnt be a problem there ...

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