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Prefs --> BitTorrent --> Additional BitTorrent Features (DHT et al...)


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Hello All of you experts --

Under Additional BitTorrent features - Explainations and Recommendations

I am not as knowledgable as all of you but would like to understand more...

What is DHT and what are UDP packets? I see DHT boxes are under BitTorrent --> Additional BitTorrent Feature under Preferences... What does this mean and what boxes should be checked?

Enable DHT, Enable DHT for new torrents, ask Tracker for scrape information, enable Peer Exchange

Currently, I am directly connected through a cable modem, but in a week I will be changing to using a router. Should I have different connections when using a router?

Oh and in the same window "Number of Connections" - what is recommended there?

Is there a recommended maximum number of Global connections, etc.

Thanks in advance. :)

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