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WRT54GC or speedstream 4200 or ISP?


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I have a problem with this router cause it will block my utorrent ports but will sometimes allow them, so it causes the light to go from yellow to green back to yellow again and now it won't even go back to green, i tried not using the router and it gives me green light. I tried port forwarding , port triggering ,DMZ, and assigning static IP both in the static dhcp option of the router and from network connection's properties.


avast antivirus

bell isp

wrts4gc firmware 1.04.5 -> i forgot where i got this, i think it was referred to by a thread in utorrent forum a long time ago

modem speedstream 4200

and just now i tried the modem with speed guide's port testing; it returned red, WTH??

I'l still try other methods and wait for a while

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the speedstream does not seem to have any options in the menu it only has disconnect and ip renew option

i just tested the modem with azureus' port checker and it says ok but still yellow light

now i have to use router again since my friends needs to use the internet as well

could it be that Bell is throttling torrent?

I'm trying to borrow some other routers to see if it will solve the problem, i hope this can be finished quick

the ports that i used are: 13000 range 40000 range and 50000 range, i havent used any ports less than 13000

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