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100% fail proof Windows Vista RC1 fix


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Ok, this work 100%, please reply and give me your feedback.

1. run CMD

2. Write Ipconfig

3. Wite down or copy your IPv4 Address

4. Look for your torrent port in Utorrent

5. Open Network from your start menu and look for your internet connection service, in my case it appeared as the name of my router which is a SpeedTouch 536.

5. Right click and choose properties.

6. Click on Settings, it should open a new window named "Avanced Settings"

7. Click on Add, it should open a window named "Service Settings".

8. Fill with the following information:

Description of the service = µTorrent

Name or Ipadress= Your Ipv4address (check points 1 to 3 )

External Port = Your uTorrent Port

Internal Port= Your utorrent port

I hope this work for all of you, I just uploaded an Image and I hope ti be helpful for everybody... If there's any question, don't hesitate to ask.


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Hi mate,

Would love to try your solution but when I go into Windows Network I can only see my network computers no router like yours where I can get into and change any settings.

Have done some searches with no luck at all either to find out what I am missing. Prob just not searching for the right info.


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Thanks for the only guide i have been able to get to solve my problems.

A bit of context: i have a linksys WRT610n router, had the ports set up that, and had found out (by process of elimination) that the problem was with windows firewall.

Opening this port allowed my uTorrent to work.

But it didn't work perfectly:

Already in the list was the uTorrent port for UDP, it had the wrong port number so i corrected it.

However this did not make it work, so i added a TCP exception for the correct port. After adding it and clicking OK to leave the list of ports opened, it came up with an error message which didnt allow me to save this port.

BUT: i managed to get round this by simply changing the details of an already existsing port (i used an MSNMSNGR port).

Thanks, any ideas as to why i couldnt save a new port would be appriciated by my curious mind!

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