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WebUI and Multi user access


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I think I'm in the right topic to post. Since it's not an issue, I just want to request more feature of Web UI since it does a really great job. Is there anyway it can store and read user database (or config), in which it can create individual seperate user sessions allowing multi user access to WebUI??


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I'm also interested in multi-user capatibility, integrated with WebUI.

This would be interesting so that I can have only one instance of uTorrent running on a specific machine at home, and everyone that needs to download torrent contents at home can acess it remotely with WebUI and have separate "profiles" so that what user A is downloading can't be modified by user B. It would also be interesting so that files are saved separately for each user, for example:


Maybe it would be interesting to make this idea dynamic, so that user profiles can be created and access permission can be granted upon configuration. Example: user A is considered to be a admin, so it can see and modify anything... User B can only modify what he started, but he can also see other users downloads...

Something along this idea.

What do you think ?

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Using multiple instances of uTorrent would sature my internet connection.

My internet provider gave me a cheap Modem that can't withstand big amounts of open connections, so using only one instance of uTorrent would be best for performance and usability.


And sorry, I didn't see that this had been already requested.

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