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Some "upload" killing my download every so often.


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I'm going to try and make this short and simple.

First let me say that I have my utorrent upload capped at about 32 kB/sec while im downloading. My max upload is about 50 kB/sec... so I have plenty of upload 'headroom' before it is supposed to saturate my downloading.


red = download

yellow = upload

The screenshot is from a little program called NetMeter that I always use... The distance between those dotted vertical lines you see is exactly 1 minute for your information.

Now, if you look closely, you can see a spike of upload right before my download drops almost completely. That upload spikes up to around 200 kB/sec in case you were wondering.

Anyone have any idea what is causing this spike of "uploading", and consequently, dropping of my download speeds? I say 'uploading' in parentheses because it's not actually uploading data, but rather it is just network traffic of some sort.

It's not anything wrong with my connection, I can say that much. But this is the first time i've noticed this using the newest build of utorrent.

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I have WebUI enabled, but i'm not using it. I just disabled it and problem still persists. By the way, in case you didn't notice those drops in my download is pretty consistent. (exactly every 60 seconds as i've mentioned).

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Hmm... well, I lowered the amount of connections per torrent and the problem seems to have gone almost completely away. I changed it from 500 to 250.

I usually always have it at around 750 on a torrent with lots of seeds/peers. I don't know why this has happened all of a sudden. Seems pretty odd :(

Could it have anything to do with the tracker that I am downloading it from?

I would really like to know what exactly is causing the spikes though.

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