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need help please :( all downloads appear in red


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hi all

i have a problem with my utorrent

when i start the application All my downloading files appear in Blue and all the seeding files appears in green

but after a while (around 1 hour ) all of them turned in to the red color ?

now i know that the red color indicate that the tracker is offline but the files have different trackers ( at least 4 different trackers )

and it is not possible that they all disconnect at the same time !!!

can any one please tell me the why this issue happened with me ?

and how to solve it ?

thanks in advance


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first of all sorry for not providing the information

i was wrong :P

but any way

first of all my router type is TP-LINK

my OS is windows XP SP2

utorrent version is 1.6

currently i am downloading around 5 files at the same time AVG size 4 GB

and uploading at the same time 4 files

the max speed of my network is 64 D 16 U

i tested a little theory to solve the issue and it worked so far

i reduced the number of concurrent downloading files to 3 and uploading to 2 !!!

and the issue gone so far

but am not sure it will sty that way !!!

can any one help ?

or have an information why reducing the number of downloading files actually solve the issue



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thanks Switeck

i already did that

am using the 128 with a little modification

am not downloading only one file as suggested instead i am downloading 2 files and uploading one

my speed is 15-25 KB

it is not perfect but it is better than before

thanks to all


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