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what is the best number of files Downlading ??


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hi all

i have a connection

15 KB upload and 64 KB download

and i need to download about 5 files

between 1.2 GIGA -7.2 GIGA

currently am downloading all of them at the same time

to utilize my connection

but the speed sucks no more than 10 KB !!!

the question is

in my case what is the best practice ?

-leave the files downloading as they are

-stop all of them except one (till it finishes then start with the second ....)

or what shall i do to increase the speed ?

thanks for all help


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Have you run Speed Guide (CTRL+G)?

You probably should be using its xx/128k setting, as that closely matches your upload speed.

Find the torrent that's most likely to finish first.

Put its priority to high in the main window, put the others to low priority.

Even go so far as to set upload slots per torrent to 1, then change the "high" torrent's upload slots to 3.

Let it finish, then change all the settings so the next most likely to finish downloading torrent is "high" and 3 upload slots while all the others are low and 1 upload slot.

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It really depends on the number of seeds+peers on each.

If there's very few seeds, then I'd leave them all running...or at least leave the ones with low seeds running.

If there's a lot of seeds+peers on each, you'd get done downloading quicker doing 1 at a time.

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