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I've just started with Bittorrent and used the ABC client for a week or two and got sick of it so I've downloaded uTottent.

I have 3 questions\problems:

1. When i start a download, the new file starts taking all the space from the start - for example: if i'm downloading a 2GB file - the generated incoming file takes 2GB from the start and stays the same size throught the download. is that normal?

2. I still have some unfinished downloads from ABC. How can i move them to uTorrent?

3. is there a way to use VLC in uTorrent?


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1. Enable diskio.sparse_files... This option works only on partitions that are formatted as NTFS. Note that enabling this option potentially leads to increased disk fragmentation. Also, it cannot be used if you tell µTorrent to pre-allocate disk space (Preferences > Downloads).

3. If you're already using VLC, just stick to it -- it's still a bad player in general, but if you're not having issues with it, whatever. Just make a copy of the files, pray that you got the right pieces to allow for file previewing, and open it in your player.

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