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[GUI] Labeling Download/Upload


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[GUI] [1.1.7.x and older]

* In the torrentlist: "DOWNLOAD" comes before "UPLOAD" (Down Speed / Up speed)

* In the details tabs: "DOWNLOAD" comes before "UPLOAD" (Downloaded, Download Speed, Down Limit / Uploaded, Upload Speed, Up Limit)

* BUT: In the status bar "UPLOAD' comes before "DOWNLOAD" (U / D)

It would be more consistent to put DOWNLOAD before UPLOAD ("Download speed" placed left of "Upload speed"), just like in all other locations in the client.

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finnaly found this so i dont have to open a thread or some thing.

i am one from the other side.

i´d really liked it the way it was before, like. download is the most important thing to me so i like to see it in the bottom corner,

now i need 2 eye movements to "find" the thing what iam interested in.

since ludde could change it easily, would it be hard to implement, that the user can descide which order

is in the status bar ?

i got the upload in front of my torrent name, and the download speed at the very last position.

all easy to spot and FAST.

to spot the current DOWNLOAD speed nowyou need at least 2 eye movements.

i dont know why it should be of interest what you upload is doing, since i got mine 90 % at the same speed.

what i am really interested is the current download, therefor i liked it the way it was, in its corner :)

so my vote on plz make an option to switch the status bar download upload display order.

and for all those who are with me, plz post something so iam not allone out here :)


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if i want to go back, i use 1.3 dont i ?

so i want a future release with the option to choose.

"I dont want to go back" how it was (unchangeable)

"i want it the way it was before" meaning i liked it the fashion it was in the earlier releases.

you understand the meaning ? the point lays in "the way" not excactly as before ;)

k that was the 1st try.. now the 2nd.

maybe its clearer with this orientation

"i" want it the way it was before, but also understand that there are "others" liking it the actual way.

"i" dont want to go back.

so what isnt there to get ? that i dont want to use 1.3 when i like it the old way ? dont think so..

k.. so i got to open a thread about it ? :S hope this doesnt grow to big,

as some people are allready not getting what i try to say :S


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it was my personal feeling why i dont like it . the eye movement thinggy, to describe what i personally dont like

in other words , you could say:

why you would be able to configure everything how you like it, but there you stuck with the given one, even when you not like it.

and the status bar isnt changeable for now. but its plenty of unused space.

i could also ask, why even have the upload speed shown, as it not changes at all, for me the value i have set it too would be more helpfull. etc.. so iam just asking , and iam not allone, plz make the status bar changable, so everyone feels convinient :)

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lol, you're perceptive, but I wouldn't really consider myself an expert on forum happenings... xD

This is the discussion I was referring to. People wanted the display of units to be changed to SI units, but other people didn't, so people instead asked for the option to switch between them, yada yada yada. ludde decided against it =T

My opinion: In the end, although µTorrent is a fairly flexible application, it really doesn't need every little thing to be configurable (IMHO), this being one of them. If all it takes is getting a little used to superficial things like this (and that is what it is, again, IMO), why bother?

@nefarious: I had thought you were around long enough to know what I was talking about, but just noticed that you registered just before the end of the discussion (only two days before it was locked). Oh well =P

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And ultimately, Ludde said no, so the whole request was dropped. :| I wanted it too, but you see, once it was turned down, I don't keep begging for my preferred feature to be included in µTorrent. I just leave it alone. Some members here need to learn that. :/

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just wanted to ask, maybe i miss something.

iam most of the time seed something while i download some other torrent.

iam not making torrent etc. so i dont really know whats so different at my µtorrent.

so now i want ask you, maybe i missed something.

what does the "actual uploadspeed" display gives you ?

mine is constant on the number i set it to . so i dont get why no one can give a reason to not change it, other than its somewhat

consistant with something thats variable :S (paradox in its self ? ) dont know, what i allready told, have my download speed at the end of each torrent. if i want know how the upload speed is, i watch on the particular torrent wich not changes much either.

so you got i guess 100 mbit upload pipes and want to know how you seeding is going or what you use your upload display to ?

thats just the only explanation i could give my selve, and there its only one reason its not maxed out ( to the max setting)

is that someone has lower download capabilities than your actual upload channel (what i think is not very common, is it ? i dont know)

so plz give me something so i dont think iam tottaly lost on this :S

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