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Connection/Speed goes up and down and up and down (to infinity!)


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Hi There,

I have the newest version of utorrent and all was fine until about two months ago.

I can log-in, have a working connection etc., but after a few minutes the speed indicator

keeps going up and down (and keeps doing so).

This happens at various times in a day (day or night it does not matter).

I`m not doing anything alse on the computer, it`s just utrrents that is running.

All the connected torrents dissappear from list and reappear again later.

So they keep coming back, but at this rate in can not get a steady connection, and get connected to more seeders.

And at that speed it`s impossible to complete a torrent.

My internet connection works fine (speed tested etc.).

Does anyone know what i can do next?

I am at a loss.

Thanks in advance for a tips given.


Hope you can follow what i mean.

I`m going mad over all this.

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Nothing has changed over a long time (settings etc.) just the newer versions have been installed.

I use McAfee virusscan and no firewall.

I don not get any strange messages from my virusscanner.

Nothing strange for that matter, just the up and down speed.

I`ll try to check all using the step by step speed guide that is recommended.

Hope this will solve something.

If not, i`ll be back.

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I run Hitman Pro from time to time for all the other stuff that McAfee does not do, and nothing strange comes up.

But, i cganhed some settings (don`t even remember what i did), and the connection seems to hold up.

Now i just have to wait for how long this is.

To be continued!

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HijackThis is not like antivirus or antispyware software, it shows nearly everything running in ram on your computer and lists what loads up when the computer boots.

It doesn't explain what any of the programs or DLLs or whatever DO, it only lists that they're loaded...and may list if they're missing.

But a few GOOGLE searches later can eliminate whether something that "looks strange" really is strange or hostile.

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Well, as unbelievable as it may seem, the problem has returned!

After changing some settings all was back to normal, but now the speed/connection goes up and down again!

Nothing has changed in the meantime, but the problem is back.

Does anyome else have the same problem?

It`s driving me mad!

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