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i really need help asap


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im using utorrent to download a file thats 3gb, my upload speed is cloe to 50 but my download is only around 10,

i looked at the mini guide and the link to other topics, but to no avail, i have a 10meg connection from ntl but i have a wireless belkin router connected as well, the only firewall im using is the standard windows xp one you get, it does not say if i have a nat problem, but with any other client, it says i have a nat problem, so im assuming i have a nat problem.

basically im just wondering have any of you got any idea how i can up my downlod speeds, im not fussed bout the upload speeds but i have 2 wait 3 weeks to download a file. any help is greatly appreciated and thanx in advanced.


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Use the xx/384k setting in Speed Guide (CTRL+G).

Unfortunately, because your router is BOTH Belkin AND wireless, you should reduce connections per torrent to maybe 30 and max connections to 60. You'll want Peer Exchange enabled (if it isn't) and DHT probably needs to be disabled. You might also need to reduce half-open connections max in µTorrent to only 4-6.

That router is just marginal, according to people who have posted problems with it.

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