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Initial donwload speed fast, then speed dies.


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I am using Windows XP SP2. I am having issues with my utorrent. My initial speed for about the first three minutes is great, however after three minutes the downloading speed goes down, and eventually the internet dies. If I keep utorrent opened, while the donwload/upload speed is at 0, my internet doesn't work.

A little bit more info:

I am using Symantec Firewall/antivirus, which I have already disabled.

I know there is a firewall in my DSL modem, and I have already disabled the firewall for my modem.

I am using Netgear WNR854T (a rather new wireless router). In the wep setting, there is a box that i uncheck to turn off the firewall which I already did.

I also disabled the firewall in windows XP.

I also called my ISP, Embarq, and asked them if they have any bandwidth restrictions on downloading and they said no.

I am running out things I can do it fix the download speed. If you need more info please let me know and I will be happy to let you know. Does anyone know what is going on with my download speed with utorrent?

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- Ran the Speed Guide (Ctrl+G in µTorrent) properly? yes, speed is good, portforwarding works

- Patched TCPIP.SYS and restarted the computer after patching (this assumes you run Windows XP w/SP2!)? Patched and restarted

- Disabled IP resolving in the Peers tab? Yes

- Restarted µTorrent after disabling DHT? Yeah i did, but when i restarted utorrent again, it didn't download until i rechecked DHT again.

- Try disabling UPnP? Yes

- What firewall are you using, and have you tried uninstalling it? Symantec Firewall, I highly doubt it is my symantec firewall because I downloaded full speed at another location with utorrent and there was no problem.

- Tried lowering the global maximum number of connections to 200? 100? 50? was at 130, now set to 50

- Lowering net.max_halfopen to 4? yes

- Restarted the router after doing any of the above?

- Connect directly to the modem to make sure it's not your router? What kind of tests can i do to connect directly to the modem to find out if it's really because of my modem's fault? I'll try to connect my comp to the modem when i get a chance.. just not right now >.<

- If turns out that it's not the router, what modem are you using? I'm using Zyxel 660 series. I called Xyxel before and the guy told me that there is a firewall built into my modem, however he gave my instructions to disable the firewall within my modem so he said if there are anymore problems with my downloading, it would most likely be the router or my computer.

After doing this, i am unable to see my downloading speed reach high, and then stop. Instead, i just get a maximum speed of 7kb/s and then the speed dies. It doesn't seem like it helped.

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It sounds like the torrent/s you're trying have no registered speeds or peers according to the tracker...so you're only finding seeds or peers through DHT. Have you enabled Peer Exchange to also find extra seeds and peers?

Your networking drivers may be corrupt. When was the last time you checked/updated them?

Have you scanned your computer very thoroughly for both viruses AND spyware using separate specialized programs for that task?

Have you done GOOGLE searches on your ISP and modem and router brands to see if others are having similar problems...and possible solutions?

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