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8mb Settings


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Hi I use utorrent 1.6 but I don't seem to hit my optimum speed with 8mb connection. I sometimes hit the 700KB/s mark with one torrent but most of the time I stay at 50KB/s. I have also forwarded my port.

Here is my settings.

General: All checked except for system startup

Downloads: Left it as it was.

Connection: Port used was 39361. Uncheck randomize ports and windows firewall. Checked Port Mapping. Maximum Upload rate was 12KB/s. Unchecked alternate upload rate. Maximum download rate was 0KB/s

Bittorent:Global max number of connections is 450. Maximum peers to a torrent is 450. Number of upload slots is 15. Unchecked additional upload slots. Checked all 4 boxes below. Set outgoing to enabled and checked allow incoming legal connections.

Queueing: Maximum number of active torrents is 1. Maximum number of active downloads is 1

net.max_halfopen set to 8

I was wondering how to improve this setting since it sucks for a 8mb connection.

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You run the Speed Guide carefully and in its entirety. You'd clearly see where it says to select your UPLOAD speed, and how you TEST for your upload speed. Not to mention how you should be telling us the results of the port checking test in the Speed Guide.

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