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Stop upload&download speeds from going right thru the limit settings.


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I've searched, but, couldn't find any other thread regarding uploads & downloads going way too fast at times which can overload & kill DSL connection.

The first green box in uTorrent's speed graph shows my download going right thru the 375k limit I have set. When I lower it to 200k, the download finally slows down, then re-raise the limit to 375k, the the download goes at the right speed. This happens every time a new high speed seeder comes online.


On this screen grab, I circled a chock up. Though uTorrent's speed graph doesn't show you what really happened, but, on Windows task manager, you can see the download speed hit the limit. The reverse is also true, when my upload speed overshoots it's limit, and this is usually more fatal.


This is also what early versions of Azureus, before version 2.4.0, would do. During the high speed spikes, there's a 25% change that my connection would not recover from the choke-up and my connection would completely die resulting in having to reset my router. The new versions of Azureus run much smoother on the Windows task manager & barely overshoot ever, preventing any un-recoverable fatal choke-ups.

I've posted some finer details here:


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It is a standard xDSL modem. Remember, the xDSL are not a true full-duplex connection. They switch rappidly between transmit & receive. The main dificulty is not with the data, it's with the modem-2-ISP internal PPOE handshaking with users who are at the outer distant limit from their ISP provider. If there are bit errors, the modem automatically switchs into a mode where the handshaking control data is spread across the data to help prevent huge chunk sized errors. When downloading & uploading to & from 1-2 sources, this rarely create any problem. However, with many I/O connections, if a delayed error occurs in the handshaking combined the out of phase data pipe, an un-recoverable choke up can occur. Note that most of the time, such small chokes are invisibly corrected & managed by the modem, however, high speed, multipeer bit-torrent traffic can push the modem correctability beyond it's limit.

I agree that this problem should not happen, but, we are all not gifted being a mile, or 2, from our ISP hub.

Keeping uTorrent's upload & download speed should help, I'm not saying it's the perfect cure. I do know that since Azureus improved it's speed control response, it prevents my connection from chocking to death.

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There's a difference between hijacking threads and trying to find an existing post with the same issue so that you don't create duplicate topics. Sigh. Now even if I wanted to re-post the bug in a new thread, I don't remember my exact description anymore. Thanks a bunch.

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Just recently, I discovered why Azureus barely overshoots imposed speed limits & why it allows for significantly better web-browsing while downloading.

Take a look:


I bet adding 'request throttling' to UTorrent would dramatically reduce router freeze-up & allow for smoother web browsing during heavy downloads.

(Note: for 'request throttling' to work, your global upload & download speed limit needs to be properly set.)

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