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very slow downloads <5kb/s with 200+ seeds


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I have been using utorrent for ages but recently its been causing loads of problems, first the dht connection wouldnt work, then it wouldnt connect to seeds now its just going really really slowly, im uploading at twice the speed im downloading even though there are a LOT of seeds.

I have already tried the obvious stuff, disabled my firewall, removed my router and got a direct connection, tested the connection speed and tested the ports are open. Everything seems to be fine, apart from the download speeds. Am I expecting too much? is it working right? I cant imagine that faster up than down is the norm.

also I have sunbelt firewall on, and have never had a problem with it interfering with UT but since upgrading to 1.6 its killing my download speeds even more, i have set it to allow UT connections of all types both in and out, is there another seeting that needs changing in 1.6 that didnt in 1.5?

Thanks in advance for any help :)

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I tried the open office test torrent and was getting 5-6kb/s connected to 15 seeds.

I have tried setting my max upload speed to 1 kb/s and that hasnt helped the downloads.

any more ideas? Im not sure what could be limiting it now.

[edit] I did a speed test and my connection is average for a 2meg line I have set it to the defaults for that. So its not a settings issue in that way, could UT itself be limiting my speed somehow?

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