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Unable to force start while forced re-checking (minor)


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I am unable to force start a torrent that is going through a forced re-check. The bug is reproducable.

I can start the torrent (=not force), and then force start the torrent, therefore I reckon it's a bug and not a feature.

uTorrent 1.6 build 474.

Windows XP Home.

I would guess it's pretty easy to fix, and a really minor bug anyway. Thanks for the great program! :-)

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Ah, sorry to be unclear. A "case" should clarify this:

Say, you have a torrent, and it has been added to the download list. You download 1 file out of 3, the rest 2 are unavailable. You stop the torrent. You download the two files from elsewhere. You add the downloaded 2 files to the download directory, and then force a re-check. Now, while it is re-checking, you cannot force start the torrent. You *can* start the torrent however, and after that you can force-start the torrent too.

Does it make sense to start a torrent while it is checking, you may ask. Well imagine that is takes 30 minutes to check the files, and you really want to leave your computer. On a situation like this, you would want to get the torrent force-started, if that suits your needs.

Oh, and to answer your question bluntly: you right click the torrent on the main window and click "start." (The torrent has to be in "stopped" mode of course.)

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