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please help!!!!!


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for the last year i have been using bt voyager105 modem with 1meg connection.was also using bittornado with no problems at all.always got green light no matter what.now i have upgraded to bt broadband 3meg,with a bt home hub router.these are my speed details---



have used various clients since but have opted for utorrent.i just cant seem to keep the green status light on.it is on red most of the time.however i can still download and upload when it is red (half the speed though of what i should).i have tried to configure my ports in bt hub manager,but the portfoward guide is different to my manager layout(there is not a router link within it)

at this moment in time i am uploading at about 22Kbps with the red light on.is this normal?

please help.i have been trying to sort this out for nearly a month now.its driving me crazy

any help would be appreciated.thank you

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If you haven't already, run Speed Guide (CTRL+G) and choose the xx/384k setting -- as that's the closest setting to your upload speed. Setting one OVER your upload speed tends to cause problems.

It's unrelated to your problem...but probably making your problem worse if your settings exceed your line's capabilities.

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ok.i checked the manual.no good.

then phoned bt and they said my ports are opened by default and i dont need to change them.

i am at my wits end now.any more help guys

ok the status light has just turnt yellow and uploading at 30/35Kbps,but sods law it will go red eventually

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Do GOOGLE searches for anything even vaguely related to your subject.

hardware (even combinations), software (bittorrent-related/p2p file sharing even), problems (basically search for people having issues with all the above using any kind of 'problem' word you can think of such as bug, virus, problem, issue, failure, crash, etc...)

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ok.have just spoke to bt.they was a bit reluctant to help at first.i have assigned port 1720 to my hub.i think it has worked,not entirely sure tho.

i still have a yellow status light.

actually i have tested to see if port 1720 is forwarded properly.it isnt.hmmmmm????

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its ok. i think its sorted now.green light is up and running.

i have windows firewall which is enabled.

do u think i should change my firewall?

i am downloading at the moment at 170KB/s.which is about right i think

also seeding another torrent which isnt so good tho.between 0.5KB/s-4.0KB/s

the peers on that one is 4(54).i have set the speed to xx/256k

do think that is right?

p.s.the light only stays green whilst downloading

yellow appears when uploading!!!!!

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