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Speed problem uTorrent 1Mb/128kps


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Well, i install uTorrent i upload like 15kps and i can download 120 kps, i used azureus in past and it works perfect with the good config and i downlaoded there like 50-120 it have variations, but here i only download 10kps and upload 10kps but downlaod dont increases, i use a .torrent with a lot of source a lot like 50 seeds adn 3000 clients why that downlaod what config i need? i try a lot of config and didnt work, i have already open the ports in the router and i check they are open, i already check my speed connection and its ok i have windows firewall off, and my personal firewall allows tcp and udp connections to utorrent i think it must be de config i will apreciate ur help with configs or something thanks.

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