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µTorrent-1.6.1-Beta-Build-475 Tracker Connection


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While I was seeding a torrent I recently uploaded to a private tracker I was expected to see a 5.0 ratio when I got back home from school. The problem was while I was at school I went to the website at which I uploaded it at and checked to see how many people finished there downloads. Well, I found that my torrent was sent to the No Seeder's List which made me pretty mad and curious as to why this happened. So, when I got home I went to my computer which was still on and µTorrent still open and fully seeding but it said the tracker was offline. So, I paused the download and resumed it which then said the tracker was back on but the problem is now I don't get 2GB of the upload I gave. Anyways, I went to this website which I downgraded my version to µTorrent-1.6-Build-474 and seeded for the rest of the weekend until I had a 5.0 seed ratio which I just now came back today to find my computer still on with µTorrent still open and finished seeding and the tracker didn't go offline once. I understand that I chose to use the beta version which isn't suppose to be total perfect(hence the word "beta") but the stability shouldn't really be an issue considering they don't have to mess with the code that communicates to tracker's. µTorrent-1.6.1-Beta-Build-475 is the only version that I find having this problem.

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