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Upload Wont go Past 0?


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Ok this is really wierd, I've been observing this two torrents, and I tried out a series of other torrents and in all my torrents. the Upload is 0

THe donwload works fine. One of hte torrents goes from 2.8 Kbps to 100. It goes up and down a lot. But throughout the period the upload is always 0.

My global maximum upload rate is 25

I have 230 maximum connections, 80 peers connected per torrent, and 4 upload slots per torrent.

All hteadditional things are enabled.

Max number of torrents is 7, max active downloads is 5

Scheduler is off

Never changed hte advanced settings.

Im' using a DI-524 router. The network status is ok, and its working like it should. Its just not uploading at all. -_-.

Any assitance would be appreciated, if more ifnromation is needed I can provide it.

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Btw, the settings you mentioned earlier were too great for the limited upload speed you allowed.

Either reduce the number of upload slots to 3 or reduce the max torrents active at once to 6.

Otherwise, you might have 7 torrents with 4 upload slots each...so 28 total upload slots, but with 25 KB/sec upload speed wouldn't even give 1 KB/sec per upload slot.

You should get at least slightly higher download speeds when you upload at least 1 KB/sec per upload slot.

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