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Help with port fowarding, im so sik of downloading at 6kbs. HELP!!!


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Hey, im new to utorrent and have been loving it but i have one really bad problem, i always seem to be getting really bad speeds, its always around 6 kbs a second and i usually download around 50. Ive herd that the issue is that my router a dlink 604 g or sumthing needs to foward ports, can anyone giv me instructions on how to do this and will it comprimise my security at all? an answer would be greatly appreciated, i hate having to waiting days to download a normal sized file......


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Although it may sound like a security risk to "poke" a hole in your firewall, it is not the case. If no application is listening on the port that is opened in your firewall, any incoming connections on that port will be ignored. If an application is listening, security is up to that application. There is no known exploit for µTorrent that might break your computer's security setup, so there is no known risk in opening a port on your firewall for µTorrent.

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thx 4 the quick reply mate, ok ive had a bit of a look at the settings and found something that was totally screwed up, the upload rate was at a limit of 1kb per sec, so i changed that to 0 and instantly the down speed shot from 6.0kb into the 20's........ Do i still need to tinker more to find a better speed or is this the sorta speed it should be at on a adsl 512mb down 128mb up connection?

ok, now its dropped to around 10kbs :( ive got 5 outta 12 seeds and 4 outta 29 peers, is this about right for my connection?

thanks 4 the help man

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Dlink DI-604 supports UPnP (universal plug and play). I know this because I have one (though I don't use it anymore). You'll need to go into the router settings and enable UPnP, if it's not already. Here's how:

1. Open your router's settings.

2. Click the "tools" tab, and on the left side menu click the "Misc." button.

3. In the section called "UPnP Settings" click "Enabled"

4. Click Apply, and Continue.

Now open uTorrent and make sure UPnP is enabled there also. (It is by default):

1. Go to Options>Preferences>Connection.

2. Make sure the box "Enable UPnP Port Mapping" is checked.

3. A bit further down under the section Bandwidth Limiting enter 9. The setting you currently have (1 or 0) makes you a total leech, and that will be reflected in your download speed - due to how uTorrent and BitTorrent work. Leeches are not rewarded with decent download speeds for uploading NOTHING.

4. Do not tinker with any other settings, leave everything else at defaults. :) If you have changed them in your tinkering, change them back. If you don't remember what you've changed and how to get it back to defaults, reinstall uTorrent. and do these steps again.

Explanation of what we did: uTorrent is able to configure your router, on it's own, using UPnP. You don't need/have to know how to forward ports, although it would be wise for you to know how to use your router. It comes with a manual, you should read it sometime. :P So, all we did here is set up your router and uTorrent to forward the correct ports automatically. When you start uTorrent, it will open the port it needs, in the router, and close it again when you shut down uTorrent.

You should not need to do anything else, period. By the way, it's slightly confusing that you use kB and kb as if they are the same thing. B = Bytes, b = bits. There's a big difference. Your upload speed is limited to 128 kbps (bits). We're setting uTorrent to max upload at 72 kbps (9 kB/sec). This is a safe setting that will insure you don't lag your other net activities due to your upload being saturated.

There is only one other factor that could effect you. A software firewall. If you have one, turn it off. You don't need it since you are behind a router. If you don't believe me, and feel you must keep it enabled, at least make sure it isn't "stealthing" ports, and that it's allowing all traffic for uTorrent. Stealthed ports on a software firewall can cause problems for that router, and may cause it to crash/reboot often.

Hope that helps.

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PLZ PLZ PLZ can someone help i can never get an open port ive tried port forwarding. my connection is through an etherlink cable to another pc n that pc is using a wireless network to connect through the pc next door, could this br the problem or should i still be able to get a good connection. when i did port forwarding i lost all my entire internet connection. will i need to configure the other pc's so mine will get a open port or should i be able to do it just on my own pc.

HELP will be much appreciated!!!!!!!!

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