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pros, i need help - something weird going on at my ISP !


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i need the input of some knowledgeable people.

I am behind a NAT/firewall/router at my ISP which doesn't allow any incoming (unsolicted) traffic.

(My problem is NOT the port-forwarding related to bittorrent, read on...)

So..recently i just accepted the fact that i am behind NAT, but d/l speeds etc. were ok.

I didn't have problems running utorrent or another client in the background, IN FACT that's why i love utorrent because it doesnt use much resources while in the background, and you can still surf/game etc.

THIS WEEKEND i notice EXTREME slowdown of the net, means websites dont work 80% of the time, often i cant even resolve hostnames because i cant reach the nameservers.

I called support and even a tech was here, checking stuff. Needless to say when the tech was here i didnt have any problems.

THEN it dawned on me and i am testing the whole night already - the problem with the slowdown and almost complete stop of my network is WHEN I AM using bittorrent ! This never happened for months before, mind you.

Also, i am on 4000/384 fiber...and my upload/download speeds are not even partially saturated....eg. i should be able to crank up upload upto 30kBs w/o problems. But my whole net gets slow even if i only have 20kB TOTAL download-speed and maybe 5kB/s upload.

A traceroute shows that the slowdown happens 4 hops from me, so..my IP...then the fiber core and a couple router....and BOOM!...no packets get routed...ALWAYS when i am running anything bittorrent.

I dont know whether this is related, but there was an incident a few weeks ago where i *attempted* to d/l a CD and i found that i had many hits to "safenet inc." which is a known anti P2P company. I didn't finish the download and deleted the torrent.

It's also more complicated, since the IP i use, on this provider's NAT router is obviously shared by MANY people who are possibly also creating bittorrent traffic...i can see that on certain bt-trackers because my stats are WAY OFF....eg. there is a lot of upload/download where i *know* its not my traffic .....but the stats seem to be linked to that NAT IP, and (as said) many people are on there. ALso..this IP is often related to spammers etc..but i cant change the fact that i am behind this provider's IP.


What is going on at that particular router, that 4th hop from me when i am using BT ?

- Bandwidth throttling which somehow affects my whole traffic, web, mail, etc. ?

- the have some logs running or other things happen on that router because they got complaints about bittorrent from safenet ? <-- yeah i am paranoid.

- their router has just problems this WEEKEND and just needs a reboot and all problems are gone ?

It just strikes me as EXTREMELY odd that 10kb/s dl and 10kb/s ul bittorrent traffic TOTALLY brings down my net here.

EDIT: for clarification, i do NOT have my own router, i am plugged in in a LAN-outlet. The ISP router is beyond my control.


() noticed my whole net bogged down while using BT since a couple days.

() i am using BT speeds which are WAY below to saturate my ul/dl caps.

() problem happens on some router 4 traceroute-hops away, stopping majority of packets to the net.

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It's always possible that it's a day-of-the-week kind of issue... The only way to verify that theory would be to wait. Anyway, I understand that the tracert shows your connection bottlenecking at the 4th hop, but just to be sure, check the first link in my signature (ignore the speed guide thing, since it's likely not the issue).

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ultima, thanks for the pointers. Yes...did not apply...but i tried anyway.

BUT...something great happened ! I chatted with the tech-support and got a PUBLIC IP !!!!!

I can now open imcoming ports....i am a happy man.. :)

Also the problems seem to be gone noe....that router is still in between...but i tested utorrent (now with a freaking GREEN LIGHT :)...and it did not bog down anything.

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