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Protecting downloading torrents


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First of all i want to say a big thanks to de developpers of µTorrent of making such a small but very "big" program.

I just found out that when µTorrent is downloading a torrent you can still access files of that torrent with another program like notepad or media player wich make µTorrent going into error on that particular torrent and stops downloading it.

I used abc before this and there was an option where downloading (not seeding) files couldn't be opened by other programs so that the program could continu its work without worrying if one of the files was being changed or something.

Edit: you can't rename or move the folder or files i noticed now, but you can still open them.

I have the latest version of µTorrent.

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I'm not talking about some program affecting the download, i'm talking about that it should be impossible to open at all.

I don't completely agree, but it should prbably be an (advanced) option. It would also be quite easy to implement (just change the lock-mode of the opening function)

But I agree that it should at elast by default lock the files it has open (if not all files of a running torrent) to prevent them beeing (accidentaly?) deleted/moved while they're still in use.

Edit: it should of course still be possible to open them for reading (f.ex. to play video files in mediaplayers and so on, extract partly downloaded rars as fasr as the format allows and so on)

BTW: I didn't try if they're really not locked, just believed QWolf ;)



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