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And again - Auto-downloading using RSS


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Well, I went through all the steps, and even got Mininova to send me a valid RSS feed, but for some reason, even though I used filter *myshow* and asked for the specific episodes from the smart ep-filter in the favorites tab - I see the episode of myshow in the releases tab, but they never start donwloading the torrent automatically !

Anyone knows why ?

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Well, there's a light problem with that, but there's a fix (RSSatellite). Anyway, when I go to the releases tab, and manually ask to open the torrent (right-click) - It downloads just fine.

The problem is that is doesn't come automatically.

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Favorite Tab:

Filter: *some*random*show*

Quality: Quality

Episode Number: 3x03-20

Smart ep. Filter: True

Minimum interval: Match Only once

Label for new torrent: Some Show

Releases Tab (just one of many lines):

Some Show 3x03 Quality

Am I doin' it right ?

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