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Utorrent not connecting very well


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Alright, here's the situation:

Utorrent 1.5 build 436 worked fine till last week. I haven't changed a thing, but suddenly i can't seem to be connecting to seeds anymore. Here's a screenshot from my utorrent:


Some information:

- I mapped a port for utorrent on my SpeedTouch 546 ADSL Modem, which is working correctly (so says utorrent). The port is open and i'm able to recieve incoming connections.

- I patched TCPIP.SYS and set the max connections to 99, max/net_halfopen in utorrent is set to 79.

- Speedtest shows me:

Your download speed : 656 kbps or 82 KB/sec.

Your upload speed : 250 kbps or 31.2 KB/sec.

- I'm using Norton Antivirus 2006, which permits all traffic for utorrent.

Any ideas how to get things to work again?

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"- Speedtest shows me:

Your upload speed : 250 kbps or 31.2 KB/sec."

...and your picture shows you uploading at 40 KB/sec.

That 40 KB/sec is probably an instantaneous speed rather than a sustained speed.

You've probably got your upload speed max set too high and just destroying your connectivity because of it.

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